With Jeff Forester & Chris Zarbaugh

A Daily Podcast About The Bible.

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The Story Behind The Podcast.

Jeff and Chris launched The HC Daily Podcast in early 2022, and it was a hit! So, they decided to keep it going as The Daily Bible Guys! Listen to your daily Bible devotional for fun, laughter, stories, and unexpected conversations as we go through the books of the Bible.

Meet Your Hosts

Jeff Forester is the lead pastor at Heritage Church located in Sterling Heights, MI. He’s an avid reader and loves family.

When he’s not at church, you’ll find him traveling, watching adventure programs, and having intense video game contests with his wife, Bonnie.

Jeff Forester

Chris Zarbaugh is the lead teaching pastor at Heritage Church in Sterling Heights, MI.

When he’s not at church, you’ll find him hanging out with friends, telling funny stories, and spending time with his wife, Liz.

Chris Zarbaugh